Industry Sectors

Marine Wings is one of the few global marine travel management companies that provide bespoke services to all

Maritime Professionals

We provide end-to-end travel management for maritime industry professionals and individuals.

At Marine Wings, we understand the challenges of finding cost-effective and streamlined routes and airfares when it comes to the individuals travel needs of maritime professionals.

Our services are specifically designed to take the hassle of out finding the optimal route at the best prices for home-to-workplace air travel, regardless of where in the world you need to go.


Cruise Crew

Efficient air travel solutions tailored specifically for cruise line crew and staff.

In today’s maritime landscape, cruise lines increasingly seek streamlined operations, placing greater significance on partnering with a trusted travel specialist to oversee crew travel logistics.

While cruise lines can handle regular crew rotations, unique situations like scheduled and unscheduled dry docks, vendor and concession travel, and after-hours emergencies require the expertise of a travel management firm. Marine Wings provides a complete turn-key solution for these specialized crew travel needs.

Cruise Crew

Commercial Marine Travel

Meeting the commercial air travel needs of the maritime industry through effective ticketing.

Who may benefit from tailored air ticketing services:

– Able bodied seafarers and officers working onboard any marine vessel.
– Commercial shipping crew and associated technicians travelling to/from a vessel or port for work purposes.
– Offshore workers
– Technical representatives
– Engineers
– Contractors
– Concessions
– Security Personnel
– Surveyors


Oil & Gas Sector

Streamlining the end-to-end process of getting people from shore to work.

The oil and gas industry operates in some of the world’s most challenging and remote environments, demanding seamless and efficient travel solutions. We understand the unique travel needs of this sector, which often involve transporting personnel to offshore rigs, drilling platforms, and remote locations.

With Marine Wings, you can trust that your critical personnel will reach their destinations reliably, so you can focus on your core operations.

Oil & Gas Sector

Dry Dock

Facilitating all travel aspects, to-and-from dry docks and shipyards for all professionals.

Marine Wings excels in coordinating travel for workers heading to and from foreign shipyards. We have extensive experience in moving teams of all sizes to shipyards worldwide, catering to professionals of various industries such as cruise lines, commercial vessels and more.

We understand that workers traveling to drydocks can face stress, especially if they’re inexperienced international travelers. Marine Wings prioritizes safety and stress-free journeys for them. We leverage various fare types, including marine fares, published fares, and low-cost carriers, to ensure the best routes and fares for each movement.

Dry Dock

Offshore Travel

We meticulously handle all aspects of your travel planning and ticketing, from.

Marine Wings specializes in meeting the unique travel needs of the offshore ship industry. Our services are tailored to facilitate seamless travel for crew members to and from their homes, vessels, and installations worldwide. Annually, we successfully transport thousands of seafarers and crew globally, focusing on key offshore locations and challenging routes.

Transparent data is essential for managing crew change costs in the offshore industry. Marine Wings provides robust reporting tools that offer concise breakdowns of travel expenses, tailored to your requirements.

Offshore Travel